Interface Design with Sketch

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Interface Design with Sketch

Специальные условия для dev.Курсы
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UI/UX Web design Web development Mobile design

With the birth of new ways to consume content, new ways of designing it have also emerged. Sketch is an app for Mac which enables an easier design process for app interfaces or websites and is one of the most used tools to carry out this type of project around the globe. Javier «Simón» Cuello, designer specialized in interfaces for mobile devices, teaches how to use Sketch from scratch, including best practices that he frequently uses in his own design process.

Who is the course for

  • For designers that want to learn how to use Sketch to incorporate the software to their design process, to create interfaces fast and effectively.
  • The course is specially designed for those who aren’t afraid to leave their everyday software and move on to using Sketch to create more appealing designs in a shorter space of time.

Necessary preparation

  • No previous knowledge is necessary, you’ll learn how to use Sketch from scratch. If you’re already familiar with other design software, the course may be easier for you to follow.
  • As for materials, you’ll need a Mac computer and Sketch (version 64 or later).

The Program 

  1. Introduction.
  2. Getting to know Sketch.
  3. Working with shapes and styles.
  4. Designing the interface.
  5. Exporting and sharing.
  6. Final project.
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