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Google My Business: How To Add Your Business to Google Maps in 2020

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 Have you been wondering how to get your business on Google? Have you been using the power of Local SEO? If you want a course that’s easy to follow, with strategies you can do yourself, this course was made just for you!Local SEO efforts can quickly rank your business high on Google search results. 

The Program

  1. What is the Google 3 Pack?
  2. Creating Your Google My Business Account.
  3. Let’s Discover Your Keywords!
  4. Google My Business Back End.
  5. Creating Posts in Google My Business.
  6. Let’s Get Some Reviews!
  7. 3 Bonus Tips Coming Your Way!
  8. Bonus Lesson For Singers & Other Artists.
  9. You’ve Made It!

What will you learn

  • Step by step to creating your Google My Business listing.
  • Optimization techniques.
  • Tips to improving your ranking on GMB and Google search.
  • Bonus tips on how to rank even higher.
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