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Google Ads MasterClass 2022 - All Campaign Builds & Features

Навыки, которые вы получите:
Marketing Email marketing Targeting Google ads myTarget Digital marketing

This course will give you a 100% understanding of Google Ads and after going through this course you will be capable of applying these concepts in building your own online business or handling Google Ads accounts of your clients. 

The Program

  1. Google Ads Overview, Where Google Ads Appear, Google Ads Account Setup.
  2. Google Ads Auction, Google Network, Ad Rank, Quality Score.
  3. Google Ads Account Structure, Google Ads Metrics, Google Ads Account Navigation.
  5. Keywords Research, Keyword Selection, Keyword Planner Tool.
  6. Keyword Match Types.
  7. Negative Keywords, Negative Keyword Lists.
  8. Search Terms.
  9. Google Ads Formats Overview.
  10. Responsive Search Ad.
  11. Dynamic Search Ad.
  12. Responsive Display Ad.
  13. Call Ad.
  14. Google Ads Extensions Overview.
  15. Sitelink Extensions.
  16. Call Extensions.
  17. Callout Extensions.
  18. Structured Snippet Extensions.
  19. Price Extensions.
  20. Promo Extensions.
  21. Lead Form Extensions.
  22. Keyword Insertion.
  23. Countdown.
  24. Location Insertion.
  25. Manual CPC.
  26. Maximize Clicks.
  27. Maximize Conversions.
  28. Maximize Conversion Value.
  29. Target Impression Share.
  30. Target CPA.
  31. Target ROAS.
  32. Enhanced CPC.
  33. CPM Bidding.
  34. CPV Bidding.
  35. Display Network Overview.
  36. Display Targeting — Affinity.
  37. Display Targeting — Demographics.
  38. Display Targeting — Detailed Demographics.
  39. Display Targeting — In-Market.
  40. Display Targeting — Life EventsDisplay Targeting — Topic.
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