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Git&GitHub for beginners

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Навыки, которые вы получите:
Git GitHub Web development

Who this course is for

  • Students at the Academy who want to learn Git and GitHub VCS.
  • Graduated Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electronic Engineering (who skipped Git in College).
  • Programmers & Developers who want to improve their skills.
  • Python Developers to develop cool applications using Git.
  • JavaScript Developers.
  • Web Developers — who want to store their projects on Git GitHub.
  • C/C++/C# Developers.
  • Anyone who wants to know the essentials of Version Control in General and Git and Github in particular.

The Program 

  1. Introduction to Version Control Systems.
  2. Learning Git Essentials.
  3. GitHub: First Steps & Basics.
  4. GitHub: Commands & Functionalities.
  5. Version Control Premium Content: Visualization, Flow, and Commands.
  6. Branching, Merging, and Conflict Resolution.
  7. Git Intermediate Level: Going Further.
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