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FinTech Ethics and Risks

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This 6-week online coursecovers 6 modules, representing the full spectrum of finance, technology, and the introduction of FinTech solutions globally. 

The Program

  1. Introduction: Ethics of Finance and Emerging Technologies .
  2. Blockchain and its Governance.
  3. Cybersecurity & Crimes.
  4. AI & FinTech .
  5. Institutionalization vs. Decentralization .
  6. Big Questions Relating to the Introduction of FinTech .

What you will learn

  • Understand the ethical elements of finance, emerging technologies, and FinTech.
  • Identify trends and opportunities that will shape the future of FinTech.
  • Critically examine implications of Artificial Intelligence (AI), blockchain and cryptocurrencies (including ICOs).
  • Understand how Regulatory Technology (RegTech) enhances supervision and reduces compliance-related costs.
  • Understand how payment solutions are evolving and the potential ethical implications.
  • Understand how alternative financing, including crowdfunding and P2P lending, are impacting markets.
  • Analyze positive and negative aspects of the introduction and expansion of FinTech.
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