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Finance fundamentals: complete guide fundamentals of finance

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Finance fundamentals: complete guide fundamentals of finance

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Cash flow Risk management Финансы Business finance

Finance is the most financially rewarding and lucrative career even in today’s harsh times. Having a solid understanding and grasp of finance and its fundamentals are the Prerequisite for rising in your career and your business.

Who this course is for

  • Anyone interested in how finance works (no prior experience in finance is needed).

  • Aspiring MBA and Financial Analysts.

  • Entrepreneurs.

  • Aspiring Investment Bankers.

  • Accounting Students who wants to move further in their careers.

  • Anyone wishing to be successful in the world of Business & Finance.

The Program 

  1. Introduction to finance fundamentals.
  2. Concept and and structure of business.
  3. Cash flow.
  4. Risk.
  5. Time value of money.
  6. Valuation.
  7. Inflation, interest rates, currency.

What will you learn

  • Have a solid understanding of fundamentals of finance.

  • Will have a much higher understanding than a person from accounting background.

  • Learn how to see the financial statements from financial point of view.

  • Understand the difference between cash flows and accounting earnings and how to measure them.

  • Understand how a financial analyst understands and measure risk.

  • Understand the most important Risk Reward model: Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM Model).

  • Understand Time value of money and how to calculate present value of Cash flows.

  • Learn how Bonds, Options and Equity are valued.

  • Learn how interest rates, yield curve, inflation, exchange rates affect our lives and businesses.

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