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Filtering and Sorting Data in SQL

Навыки, которые вы получите:
Databases SQL for analysis

In this course, you’ll build upon those essentials and start learning more advanced querying, filtering, and analysis techniques using SQL.

We’ll start by teaching you how to identify and work with the various data types you’ll encounter in just about any data science role. Next, we’ll introduce you to new concepts like functions, operators, expressions, and control flow, and we’ll show you how to use them to optimize your work in a database.

This course focuses on the following:

  • Intermediate techniques for querying, filtering, and analyzing data in SQL
  • SQL functions, operators, and expressions
  • How to use SQL to streamline your work in databases

The Program

  1. Datatypes and Column Operations.
  2. Functions.
  3.  Filtering I — Logical Operators.
  4. Filtering II — Complex Expressions.
  5. Filtering III — Special Comparison Operators.
  6. Control Flow.
  7. Ordering Results.

What will you learn

  • How to define binary operations and functions.
  • How to filter results based on logical constraints.
  • How  to define datatypes.
  • How  to order results.
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