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Figma for web design

Навыки, которые вы получите:
Sketch UI/UX Photoshop Layer style Цветоведение Figma Цветокоррекция Web design Adobe XD

This course will teach you essentials of Figma, one of the best design programs for web and app design projects.

The Program

  1. Introduction.
  2. Download all the resources.
  3. What is Figma and is it better than other design programs?
  4. The welcome screen in Figma.
  5. Getting started with Figma.
  6. Best ways to move around in Figma.
  7. Exercise: how to move elements around.
  8. Solving the exercise and a few pro tips.
  9. Discover Figma’s interface & why professionals use it.
  10. Create your first mini website.
  11. Editing icons: colors & size.
  12. Here’s why so many beginners give up.
  13. The biggest difference in Figma versus other programs.
  14. Here’s how you create buttons in Figma.
  15. The basics of working with color.
  16. How to work with color like a pro.
  17. How to add images: frames vs rectangles.
  18. Create a gallery/collage in Figma.
  19. How to mask in Figma.
  20. Here are the 3 types of text in Figma.
  21. Discover the properties of text layers.
  22. How to work with text like a pro.
  23. Effects in Figma: blur, shadows & more.
  24. Everything you need to know about grids.
  25. An overview of components.
  26. Drafts & Projects in Figma.
  27. Here’s makes you a good web designer.
  28. What’s next?

What will you learn

  • How to quickly get started with Figma.
  • How to quickly get started with Figma.
  • Design principles that can be applied on any project.
  • The course is beginner friendly — we’ll take it step by step and learn through fun exercises.
  • How to edit icons correctly and how professionals move around in Figma.
  • The best way to work with colors.
  • Create a beautiful collage in Figma.
  • Design a mini website in Figma.
  • Work with effects & text layers like a pro.
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