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Figma: Сreate a design system from scratch

Навыки, которые вы получите:
Figma Web design

In this course will learn how to create grids and layouts, choose colors, choose typography, and set the correct vertical rhythm. As well you will learn how to create the most-used components as inputs, text areas, checkboxes, radio buttons, tags.

Perfect for people eager to learn Figma while knowing the basics of a Design system!

The Program

  1. Why a Design System.
  2. Some design systems.
  3. Figma interface.
  4. Starting our Design system.
  5. Our first component: Buttons.
  6. Inputs and text areas.
  7. Creating more components.
  8. Variants.
  9. Some plugins.
  10. Congratulations.
  11. Resources.
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