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English verb tenses

Навыки, которые вы получите:
Grammar Punctuation

Master the simple, continuous, perfect, and perfect-continuous forms for all 12 basic English tenses in their past, present, and future forms.

The Program 

  1. Past Simple.
  2. Past Continuous.
  3. Past Perfect.
  4. Past Perfect Continuous.
  5. Present Simple.
  6. Present Continuous.
  7. Present Perfect.
  8. Present Perfect Continuous.
  9. Future Simple.
  10. Future Continuous.
  11. Future Perfect.
  12. Future Perfect Continuous.
  13. Certificate of Completion.

What will you learn 

  • Present form of all tenses.
  • Past form of all tenses.
  • Future form of all tenses.
  • All simple/continuous/perfect/perfect-continuous forms.
  • How to properly choose tenses based on context.
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