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Email Marketing Basics - A Step-By-Step Beginner's Guide

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SMM Marketing Email marketing Digital marketing

This a step-by-step beginners guide that will walk you through and help you build your first list, start communicating with your audience and write effective emails that get opened, build trust and get you sales! 

The Program

  1. Introduction.
  2. How To Start Your List Building Process.
  3. Use GetResponse To Build Stunning Landing Pages.
  4. How To Use Lead Magnets To Build Your List.
  5. How To Use Lead Magnets — Example.
  6. Where To Get High Quality PLRs For Lead Magnets.
  7. How To Drive Traffic For List Building Purposes.
  8. GetResponse For Email Marketing.
  9. How To Create Webforms With Getresponse.
  10. How to create and manage Newsletters with GetResponse.
  11. The Internet Marketer’s Ninja Tool with GetResponse.
  12. Create Amazing Landing Pages with GetResponse.
  13. How To Launch A Product With Email Marketing.

What will you learn

  • How to build your first email list.
  • How to integrate your list building with your Wordpress Website or Blog.
  • How to create stunning landing pages using Getresponse.
  • How to use Mailchimp FREE Email Service to create a list and a sign-up forms for that list.
  • How to get maximum exposure, your emails opened and your CTR high.
  • How to write engaging emails that build trust, credibility and awareness.
  • How to use Emails to SELL!  
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