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Electronic Trading in Financial Markets

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Financial markets Trading. financial instruments

Learn about technology’s impact on financial markets and the characteristics of financial instruments that are traded on electronic markets.

Taught by instructors with decades of experience on Wall Street, Electronic Trading in Financial Markets is a comprehensive study of the impact of technology on financial market systems.

This economics and finance course provides students with a foundation in market structure (what is ‘liquidity?’) before building to introduce electronic trading fundamentals (order books) and advanced electronic trading techniques (algorithmic trading). Learners will study the history of technology in markets, the details of electronic trading protocols and the impact of innovation on market structure.

The Program

  1. Module 1: Fundamentals of Market Structure.
  2. Module 2: Fundamentals of Electronic Trading.
  3. Module 3: Mechanics of an Order Book.
  4. Module 4: Advanced Electronic Trading.
  5. Module 5: Electronic Trading in Fixed Income.
  6. Module 6: Innovation Guidelines.

What you’ll learn

  • Understand how financial markets functioned prior to the electronic trading era.
  • Identify the major events in electronic trading development.
  • Effectively describe the workflow of all major electronic trading protocols.
  • Understand how market makers and retail traders use electronic trading and buy side institutions.
  • Understand the characteristics of financial instruments that are traded on electronic markets & those products that do not trade electronically.
  • Debate the current issues regarding electronic trading and the impact on financial stability.
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