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Specialization Digital product management

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Specialization Digital product management

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Scrum Kanban Data-driven management Software development Design thinking Agile

This Specialization is intended for both current and new product managers working in digital who want to apply a portfolio of modern practices to developing their products and teams. Through five courses, you will cover applications of product design, hypothesis-driven development and agile, all at the heart of modern product management.

The Program

  1. Digital Product Management: Modern Fundamentals
    This course will help you along your learning journey and prepare you with the skills and perspective you need to: Create the actionable focus to successfully manage your product (week 1) Focus your work using modern product management methods (week 2) Manage new products and explore new product ideas (week 3) Manage and amplify existing products (week 4).
  2. Agile Meets Design Thinking
    In this course, you’ll learn how to determine what’s valuable to a user early in the process by focusing your team on testable narratives about the user and creating a strong shared perspective.
  3. Hypothesis-Driven Development
    In this course, you’ll learn how to identify the right questions at the right time, and pair them with the right methods to do just enough testing to make sure you minimize waste and maximize the outcomes you create with your user.
  4. Agile Analytics
    In this course you’ll learn how to build a strong analytics infrastructure for your team, integrating it with the core of your drive to value.
  5. Managing an Agile Team
    While learning about agile mainstays like Scrum, XP, and kanban, you’ll also learn to help your team ask the right questions about how they’re working and facilitate good answers on how agile can help.

What will you learn

  • Create and manage a team charter that drives alignment and autonomy.
  • Lead from the front with actionable design narrative on your customers.
  • Create a culture of experimentation with hypothesis-driven development.
  • Instrument relevant, actionable analytics into your product program.
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