Digital painting in Photoshop: complete beginners guide

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Digital painting in Photoshop: complete beginners guide

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Complete Beginners Guide to paint your Masterpiece — a complete course absolutely for beginners. Step by step guide to help you paint your first Masterpiece in no time.

Who is this course for

  • Anyone with an interest in developing their Photoshop skills.

The Program

  1. What Is Digital Painting.
  2. Myth Bursts & Best Practices.
  3. Know You Software — Basics.
  4. Working with Layers.
  5. Selection and Masking.
  6. Working with Brushes.
  7. Scanning & Tracing.
  8. Set Up Layers and Colors.
  9. Color Blocking Painting Method.
  10. Masking Painting Method.
  11. Working with Textures.
  12. Tips Tricks & Final Touchpoints.

What will you learn

  • What is Digital Painting to be exact.
  • Technical insights for Photoshop as Digital Artist.
  • How to work with Brushes.
  • How to work with layers.
  • Tracing skills for a scanned sketch.
  • Color Blocking Paint Method.
  • Masking Layer Painting Method.
  • Importance of textures.
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