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Dictionaries, Frequency Tables, and Functions in Python

Навыки, которые вы получите:
Data science Python

In this course, you’ll continue to learn the fundamentals of Python for data science. We divided these courses into four parts to make mastering the fundamentals quicker and easier. This third part builds on the knowledge you acquired in our Variables, Data Types, and Lists in Python course and our For Loops and Conditional Statements in Python course.

The demand for data science has never been higher — take advantage of this opportunity, and level up your career with Dataquest.

This course focuses on the following:

  • Developing additional data science fundamentals in Python like dictionaries and functions.
  • Discovering how to build frequency tables.
  • Performing real-world data analysis tasks in an interactive coding environment.

The Program

  1. Python Dictionaries.
  2. Python Dictionaries and Frequency Tables.
  3. Python Functions: Using Built-in Functions and Creating Functions.
  4.  Python Functions: Arguments, Parameters, and Debugging

What will you learn

  • How to create Python dictionaries.
  • How to write Python functions.
  • How to build frequency tables using dictionaries.
  • How to debug functions.
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