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Develop Minecraft Plugins (Java)

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Java Разработка игр Minecraft plugins

Here, you will learn all about Minecraft plugins! The first tutorial is the installation and description of what you will need, and we’ll work together by starting simple and by slowly developing your plugins you will become a Java god!

You will start with basic lectures, teaching you how to setup your first plugin, create commands and manage events, and then move onto more tricky aspects, such as the idea of GUIs or packets.

Necessary preparation

  • Should be able to install Eclipse/IntelliJ (software used to develop).
  • Should have a Minecraft account.

For those who want to

  • This course is for Minecraft players who want to create awesome plugins

The Program

  1. Setting Up.
  2. Java Basics.
  3. Starting Qut.
  4. Heart of Spigot Api.
  5. More Advanced API.
  6. Databases.
  9. Networks.
  10. NMS/Packet.
  11. Final Advice.

What will you learn

  • Learn the programming language Java (if not known).
  • Develop plugins for Spigot, Paper, Bukkit or BungeeCord.
  • Start with events, commands and progress to minigame and packets.
  • Best ways to earn money from Minecraft plugins (servers, selling, comissions).
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