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Design databases with PostgreSQL

Навыки, которые вы получите:
Databases SQL PostgreSQL Backend Indexes

Data is only as useful as the database it’s stored in. With PostgreSQL, you can design an elegant relational database management system that’s a breeze to use. That’s why it’s the industry standard used by AWS — making it not only popular with data scientists but backend engineers, too.

For those who want to

  • Create their own databases from scratch.
  • Optimize a database.
  • Learn best practices for database design.

The Program 

  1. What Is A Database?
  2. What Can I Do With A Database?
  3. How Do I Make And Populate My Own Database?
  4. How Do I Make Sure My Database Stays Intact?
  5. How Do I Make Sure My Database Stays Fast?

What will you learn 

  • Learn how to design a database that’s a perfect fit for your data.
  • Understand the pros and cons of indexes to make your database as fast as possible.
  • Set up a database server on your own computer for easy access.
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