Design a Mobile App

Специальные условия для dev.Курсы
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Design a Mobile App

Специальные условия для dev.Курсы
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UI/UX Mobile design

In this course you will learn all the processes to design a mobile application, from the identification of the need and its solution to the design of the interface in Sketch.

Necessary preparation

  • A basic design knowledge and know the interface of Sketch, but you can use other interface design programs such as Figma, Adobe XD, Invision Studio, among others.
  • A computer with Sketch (or your favorite program) installed.

The Program

  1.  Introduction.
  2. The wonderful world of applications.
  3. How to look for a problem.
  4. Finding the solution.
  5. Defining UX.
  6. Designing your proposal.
  7. Sharing with the world.
  8. Final project.

What will you learn

  • The differences and similarities between UX and UI, and the importance of good design in an app.
  • To identify a real problem in your day to day that you can solve with an app.
  • To make a brief search of applications to have them as reference and you will create an inspirational moodboard.
  • To apply the UX bases to define the main screens of the application and the objective of each, or in other words, the user’s experience. 
  • What an wireframe, what it is for and Christian will give you some tips to create your own.
  • The basic fundamentals of UI — color, typography and iconography — and put them into practice in Sketch; In addition, you will discover the native components of iOS and Android, to design the screens with all the key elements and etc.
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