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Data Science Foundations

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Analytics Data science

The Data Science Foundations course proffers your knowledge on the introduction to the subject and gives you insights into the different phases of its life cycle. The course covers topics about various tasks carried out in Data Science and different programming languages that are compatible to work with to accommodate the tasks efficiently, and Machine Learning, contributing to the dynamic behavior of machines and making significant associations with DS. The analytics landscape is another significant component within an organization, which you will learn in the latter part of the course, to understand workflow and asset distribution thoroughly. You will have to take an assessment to test your gain on the subject. The course also provides you with study materials for your reference at any given point after enrolling in it. 

After this free, self-paced, beginner’s guide to Data Science Foundations, you can embark on your Data Science career with the professional Post Graduate certificate and learn various concepts in depth with millions of aspirants across the globe!

The Program

  1.  Introduction to Data Science
  2. Data Science Life Cycle
  3. Data Mining Tasks
  4. Intro to Machine Learning
  5. Languages for Data Science
  6. Analytics Landscape
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