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How to create a strategic marketing plan

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Google analytics Marketing Analytics Digital marketing Product strategies Selling Strategy

Take your business to new heights by learning how to create a strategic marketing plan that drives action.

Who is this course for

  • Business Owners — increase your business revenue, sales pipeline, and ROI by building out transformative demand generation programs that actually work.
  • Startups — leverage proven marketing processes and practices to establish and increase your user-base and business revenue.
  • Marketers — increase your current marketing knowledge by learning the most effective tactics, best practices, and processes.

The Program

  1. Section 1: Introduction.
  2. Section 2: Build a Strategic Marketing Plan.
  3. Case Study: Product and Services Businesses.
  4. Evaluate Your Marketing Mix.
  5. Objectives, Tactics, and Assumptions about your marketing program.
  6. Common Mistakes.
  7. Section 3: Workshop.
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