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Complete 2021 Marketing MASTERCLASS for Startups and Leaders

Навыки, которые вы получите:
SEO Marketing Analytics Digital marketing Product strategies Marketing performance

This is a course for people who are truly willing to understand marketing strategy. A course for people who would rather do it right than hustle and hassle people.

Once you work your way through these 200 lessons, your strategy will become more clear, your empathy will deepen and you’ll begin to see the market as it is, instead of merely wishing it to be what you want. You will have your own complete marketing playbook!

Who is this course for

  • Business Owners -Increase your business revenue, pipeline, and ROI by building out transformative demand generation programs that actually work.
  • Startups — Leverage proved marketing processes and practices to establish and increase your user-base and business revenue.
  • Marketers — Increase your current marketing knowledge by learning the most effective tactics, best practices, and processes.

The Program

  1. In Session 1 we will focus on Building Your Model.
  2. Session 2 The Belief Framework.
  3. Session 3  Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).
  4. Session 4  Search Engine Optimization.
  5. Session 5  Content Engagement Strategy.
  6. Session 6  Multi-Channel Lead Acquisition.

What will you learn

  • Practical theory — Great marketers and great entrepreneurs are great learners. We’ll cover the theory that you need to understand to drive your own Demand Gen program.
  • Hands-on — Througho
  • ut the course, we give you multiple opportunities to slow down and apply
  • what you have learned by building out the real-world plan that your company needs.
  • Peer Learning — Your instructors are peers, start-up founders and fellow marketers with decades of tangible experience in every stage and level of an organization.
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