Communication skills for dialoguing across difference

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Communication skills for dialoguing across difference

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Сommunication Active listening Social psychology Leadership

Now more than ever, you are going to school, working, and living in communities with people who think, look, and have beliefs different from your own. This 45-minute course will give you the skills to bridge those divides and find common ground.

In this skills-based course, we will explore practical strategies and techniques to apply in your daily life. You will learn about the difference between dialogue, discussion, and debate; micro-affirmations; and how to be an ally.

If you are seeking to develop and practice these skills and apply them to build a more inclusive world, this course is for you. The course is also mobile-friendly.

What you’ll learn

  • Communication skills to help you engage in dialogue instead of debate.
  • How small but powerful acts of kindness (micro-affirmations) can lead to positive behavior changes.
  • How to be a meaningful ally.
  • Strategies to bridge divides, build inclusion, and create places where everyone feels welcome.
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