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Change Management Foundation

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Organizational culture Project management Change Control

This APMG Change Management Foundation course helps you learn the core change management roles, methods, frameworks, and strategies used to deliver successful change initiatives.

The Program

  1. Course overview.
  2. The change management context.
  3. Change and the individual.
  4. Change and the organisation.
  5. Stakeholder strategy.
  6. Communication and engagement.
  7. Change impact.
  8. Change readiness.
  9. Change teams.
  10. Effective change teams and team development.
  11. Overcoming resistance to change.

What will you learn

  • How individuals are impacted by change and how to develop strategies to help those affected by change adapt.
  • How organisations work, organisational culture, the models, and processes of change.
  • The drivers of change, change governance structures, and how to define a change vision.
  • How to prepare staff or change, support their learning and motivate them to undergo change.
  • The impact change has on businesses, how to build moment for change and how to sustain change.
  • The stakeholder engagement process, how to develop suitable communications plans and strategies.
  • The importance of defined change management roles.
  • How to build and support an effective change team.
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