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Business Analysis and Strategy Analysis

Навыки, которые вы получите:
Analytics Business understanding

This course covers everything from assessing the current state of operations, doing some visioning regarding a desired future state, determining what the risks are that will need to be managed, and then coming up with the best strategy for realizing the desired future state.

The Program 

  1. Course overview.
  2. Program overview.
  3. Course guidelines.
  4. Introduction to Strategy Analysis.
  5. Strategy Analysis and the BACCM ™.
  6. Exercise: Understanding Strategy Analysis.
  7. Analyze Current State: Inputs and Elements.
  8. Analyse Current State: Guidelines and Techniques.
  9. Analyze Current State: Stakeholders and Outputs.
  10. Define Future State: Inputs and Elements.
  11. Define Future State: Guidelines and Techniques.
  12. Define Future State: Stakeholders and Outputs.
  13. Exercise: Define Current and Future States and etc.

What will you learn

  • How to recognise characteristics of strategy analysis.
  • How to demonstrate your understanding of principles related to strategy analysis.
  • How to recognise the guidelines and techniques used in analyzing current state.
  • How to recognise considerations when defining future state.
  • How to identify the outputs of the Define Future State task.
  • How to recognise considerations when performing a risk assessment.
  • How to recognise the roles stakeholders play in assessing risk.
  • How to recognise considerations when developing the change strategy.
  • How to recognise the roles stakeholders play in defining the change strategy and etc.
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