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Building structures in Italian - Structure 1

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Writing Grammar Speaking Punctuation

The whole of the Italian language can be broken down into several different structures. If you take any sentence from any Italian book or any utterance, you will see that it fits into one of these structures.

This course introduces you to structure 1. I’ve limited each course to one structure so as not to overburden you. By looking at just one structure at a time, you can really get to grips with it and understand its usage. It will help to clarify the Italian language and make it more like a reflex rather than something you have to think about as is it were a maths equation.

This course contains plenty of practice opportunities for you to revise what you’ve learnt and it also contains some hints and tips on how best to learn and memorise the structures and the vocabulary that goes with them. You’ll learn how to make questions out of structure 1, how to make statements and how to turn positive statements negative.

Who is this course for

  • You want to explore the Italian language a little more deeply.
  • You are interested in starting to learn about the structure of the Italian language and how to manipulate it.
  • You enjoy the 3 minute methodology used in other 3 Minute Italian courses.

What you will learn

  • Learn about the first structure in the Italian language.
  • Get plenty of opportunity to practise using this structure.
  • Learn all the question words in Italian and some infinitives.
  • Build your own sentences without memorisation.
  • Get to grips with how easy it is to manipulate this structure and say what you want with it.
  • Learn how to form questions and statements in structure 1.
  • Complete lessons in 3 minute chunks — perfect for the busy learner.
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