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Build personal resilience

Навыки, которые вы получите:
Продуктивность Emotional intelligence Stress management

Globalisation and advances in information and communication technology have resulted in a 24/7 work environment characterised by rapid change, a greater sense of competition, and an explosion in access to communication and information. These pressures compound stress related to workload and information processing — this not only reduces performance but can lead to a reduced sense of meaning and purpose as well as physical and mental health issues. Understanding stress and how to boost your resilience to it are essential skills for contemporary leaders and play a vital role in managing the demands you face at work.

This course will focus on the nature of stressors facing leaders in today’s work environments and how to deal with them. You’ll explore personal resilience — your capacity to withstand and cope with stress — and strategies for self-management, motivation and organisation. You’ll also learn how resilience is impacted by health and social relationships.

The Program

  1. The nature of stress and resilience.
  2. The sources of stress.
  3. Approaches to deal with stress.
  4. Building resilience.
  5. Managing oneself effectively: Values and goals.
  6. Managing oneself efficiently: Time and personal organisation.

What you will learn

  • Critically evaluate the nature of work stress and approaches to manage stress.

  • Reflect on personal sources of stress in the extent of personal resilience.

  • Apply strategies and skills for enhancing resilience to a variety of situations when managing yourself and others.

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