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Blockchain: Understanding Its Uses and Implications

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Blockchain Bitcoin Cryptocurrency

Blockchain technology is changing how businesses operate. With trust built into blockchain solutions, it is important to understand how this new technology is different and how it works in comparison with technologies of the past.

First, we cover the main concepts of what blockchain is and some of its major characteristics. We take you through the important players in this diverse community. We discuss how it began, first introduced for the administration of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency, and how it is now applied to all aspects of business including government, banking, supply chains, and other industries.

The Program

  1. Welcome & Introduction.
  2. Chapter 1. Introduction to Blockchain.
  3. Chapter 2. Blockchain Mechanics.
  4. Chapter 3. Blockchain Functions.
  5. Chapter 4. Blockchains and Governance.
  6. Chapter 5. Blockchain Problem Solving and Future Trends.
  7. Chapter 6. Blochain use Cases.
  8. Final Exam.

What you will learn

  • Discuss blockchain technologies.
  • Understand why Blockchain is a transformative technology with potential for change around the world.
  • Understand how blockchain is solving problems that were difficult in the past.
  • Discuss blockchain use cases in production today.
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