Believe, build, become: how to supercharge your career

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Believe, build, become: how to supercharge your career

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Сommunication Goal setting Professional development Networking Self assessment Discovering your values

This ExpertTrack will equip you with the skills, network and confidence you need to take control of your career trajectory and achieve your goals. If you want to supercharge your career, this in-depth ExpertTrack will give you the skills and confidence to do just that.

Guided by entrepreneurs and experts, you’ll take the time to explore:

  • how to use your strengths and build new ones;
  • what your motivations are;
  • what skills and resources you have available;
  • how to develop a sense of vision, resilience and creativity that will bring an entrepreneurial flair to all aspects of your professional life;
  • how to turn challenges into opportunities and take calculated risks;
  • how to build a meaningful professional network.

The Program

  1. Career Coaching for Women: Supercharge Your Career with AllBright.
  2. Entrepreneurial Mindset: How To Think like A Female Founder.
  3. Sisterhood Works: How to Build a More Meaningful Network.
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