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Become a Data Engineer

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SQL Data engineer Python

Data Engineering is the foundation for the new world of Big Data. Enroll now to build production-ready data infrastructure, an essential skill for advancing your data career.

Necessary preparation

  • To be successful in this program, you should have intermediate Python and SQL skills.

For those who want to

  • Learn to design data models, build data warehouses and data lakes, automate data pipelines, and work with massive datasets.

The Program 

  1. Data Modeling.
  2. Cloud Data Warehouses.
  3. Spark and Data Lakes.
  4. Data Pipelines with Airflow.
  5. Capstone Project.

What will you learn

  • To create relational and NoSQL data models to fit the diverse needs of data consumers.
  • Use ETL to build databases in PostgreSQL and Apache Cassandra.
  • Sharpen your data warehousing skills and deepen your understanding of data infrastructure.
  • Create cloud-based data warehouses on Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • Understand the big data ecosystem and how to use Spark to work with massive datasets.
  • Store big data in a data lake and query it with Spark.
  • Schedule, automate, and monitor data pipelines using Apache Airflow.
  • Run data quality checks, track data lineage, and work with data pipelines in production and etc.
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