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Backend engineer

Навыки, которые вы получите:
SQL NodeJS Git Docker PostgreSQL GitHub Express.js Data structure Agile Backend TDD Web security Design patterns

No matter what you’re building, having a strong foundation is crucial — that’s where back-end engineers come in. In this Career Path, you’ll start with programming servers and client-side interfaces, then level up to designing databases. By the end, you’ll have everything you need to start your career as a back-end engineer.

For those who want to

  • Understand application architecture.
  • Design and build APIs.
  • Prepare for job interviews.

The Program 

  1. Welcome to the Back-End Engineer Path.
  2. Setting Up Your Dev Environment.
  3. JavaScript Syntax, Part I.
  4. JavaScript Syntax, Part II.
  5. Git and Github, Part I.
  6. JavaScript Syntax Portfolio Project.
  7. Basics of Back-End Development.
  8. JavaScript Syntax, Part III.
  9. Fundamentals of Operating Systems.
  10. Build a Back-End with Node/Express.js.
  11. Test Driven Development with JavaScript.
  12. Website Development Fundamentals.
  13. Building Interactive Websites with JavaScript.
  14. Async JavaScript and HTTP Requests.
  15. Git and GitHub, Part II.
  16. Node/Express API Portfolio Project.
  17. SQL for Back-End Development.
  18. PostgreSQL Database.
  19. Designing Relational Databases.
  20. Advanced PostgreSQL.
  21. Connecting Your Database to a Server etc.

What will you learn

  • Use JavaScript tools like Node.js and Express.js to build interactive web apps.
  • Ensure personalization and security for the people using your web apps.
  • Nail the interview with your impressive portfolio and well-prepared answers.
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