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Artificial Intelligence: An Overview

Навыки, которые вы получите:
Deep learning Machine learning Artificial intelligence Data science

The course will provide a non-technical overview of the artificial intelligence field. Initially, a discussion on the birth of AI is provided, remarking the seminal ideas and preliminary goals. Furthermore, the crucial weaknesses are presented and how these weaknesses have been circumvented. Then, the current state of AI is presented, in terms of goals, importance at national level, and strategies. Moreover, the taxonomy of the AI topics is presented.

The Program

  1. History of AI.
  2. AI Today.
  3. AI Research Areas.
  4. AI and National Strategies.
  5. Italian and Europen Players.

What will you learn

  • Explain the seminal ideas leading to the birth of AI, the major difficulties and how the international community overtook them.
  • Describe the taxonomy of the know-how on AI in terms of techniques, software and hardware methodologies.
  • Describe what AI is today in terms of goals, scientific community, companies’ interests.
  • Explain the need for national strategies on AI and identify the major Italian and European players on AI.
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