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Apply natural language processing with Python

Навыки, которые вы получите:
Machine learning Data science scikit-learn NLTK Tensorflow NLP spaCy Genism Regular expression Python

Natural language processing (NLP) is all about how computers work with human language. From your virtual assistant recommending a restaurant to that terrible autocorrect you sent your cousin, the field is a rapidly growing presence in our lives. Don’t just use NLP tools — make them!

For those who want to

  • Understand how computers work with human language.
  • Learn techniques and libraries for data analysis.
  • Create natural language processing tools.

The Program

  1. Welcome to the Natural Language Processing Skill Path.
  2. Getting Started with Natural Language Processing.
  3. Text Preprocessing.
  4. Language Parsing.
  5. Language Quantification.
  6. Text Generation.
  7. NLP Portfolio Project.
  8. Next Steps.

What will you learn

  • Use language parsing tactics to find meaning and insights in text.
  • Learn about different methods for generating text.
  • Learn about neural networks commonly used in NLP work.
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