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Applied Scrum for Agile project management

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Scrum Communication Organizational culture Agile Motivate employees Project management Управление командой

Learn the project management processes, roles, mechanics, and philosophies behind Scrum, the simplest and most pure approach to managing work at the team level.

Scrum and Agile are often considered synonymous, and there is a good reason. Scrum embodies the simplest and most pure approach to managing project work at the team level. Scrum is employed by over half of all Agile practitioners across all industries. While agile may have started in software development, many industries now use an agile methodology to deliver their work. The basis for agile, the agile manifesto, extends well beyond its origins in extreme programming and agile software development.

Development teams around the world are now using kanban boards and assigning strong product owners to direct self-organizing teams to deliver on prioritized product backlogs. And nearly every new product has some sort of IT component and goes through an agile development lifecycle.

The Program

  1. Week 1
    The first week starts with why agile methods are used: based on case studies that prove its effectiveness and the history of getting to Scrum.
  2. Week 2
    The second week explores who uses agile across industries, exploring the types of work management and how Scrum Agile fits into the world of work.
  3. Week 3
    The third week gets into the mechanics of Scrum and how Scrum is performed and executed. Here you’ll learn team formation, planning and retro games, and how to effectively manage work to meet Sprint objectives.
  4. Week 4
    The last week pivots to look at what Scrum looks like at Scale, and how it differs from other Agile frameworksin terms ofscale, program and portfolio management, risk management, and pitfalls of Agile.

What will you learn 

  • Why Agile is taking over: history, case studies, and proof.
  • Agile works better Who uses Agile based on industry scale, stakeholders, and engineering.
  • How to run a successful.
  • Scrum team for speed, innovation, leadership, and control.
  • Scrum team makeup, user story writing, sprint planning, execution, and retro tools.
  • What Scrum looks like at scale, its alternatives, and how to avoid pitfalls over time.
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