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Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI

Навыки, которые вы получите:
Power BI Exploratory data analysis

In this path, developed in collaboration with Microsoft, you’ll learn how to use Microsoft Power BI to analyze, clean, explore, and visualize data.

Dataquest’s hands-on teaching method will have you using the full Power BI interface in the browser, creating projects, and getting feedback. The path will give you hands-on experience and a portfolio of projects.

The Program

  1. Get Started with Microsoft Data Analytics.
  2. Model Data in Power BI.
  3. Visualize data in Power BI.
  4. Data Analysis in Power BI.
  5. Manage Workspaces and Datasets in Power BI.

What will you learn

  • Master the fundamentals of analyzing data with Power BI.
  • Model data, create reports, and build interactive dashboards.
  • Prepare, explore, analyze, and visualize data using Power BI.
  • Manage workspaces and datasets.
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