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Advanced English

Навыки, которые вы получите:
Writing Grammar Speaking Punctuation C1 Reading Listening

In this course you will learn how to understand native English speakers' quick speech and how to sound and write more like a native speaker by using common slang, idioms, office jargon, and rhythm.

The Program 

  1. Learning Languages.
  2. Polyglots.
  3. Well-being.
  4. Adventure Junkies.
  5. Book Worms.
  6. Childhood Memories.
  7. Time is Money.
  8. Higher Education.
  9. Business.
  10. Amazing Landscapes.
  11. Addictions.
  12. Urban Spaces.
  13. Equality & Diversity.
  14. The News. 
  15. Wildlife.
  16. Certificate of Completion.

What will you learn 

Each lesson focuses on a skill: grammar, reading, writing, listening, pronunciation, or slang, and consists of a video, detailed lesson, quiz, and a comments section for interaction and questions. Lessons take 20-40 minutes to complete.

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