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Accessible UX writing

Навыки, которые вы получите:

UX writing is the user communication within digital interfaces. In order for users to complete a certain task when using a website or an app, this communication has to be intuitive and easy to understand — for everybody. It goes without saying that this includes users of all abilities and users in all kinds of situations. Therefore, inclusion and accessibility play a major role in UX writing.

Who is the course for

This course is the perfect match for all UX writers, UX designers, UI designers, developers, product managers, and all other kinds of professionals working in the field of digital product development, as well as for everybody else who is interested in UX writing.

The Program 

  1. Welcome!
  2. Introduction to Course I: Accessible On-Screen Text.
  3. Why Do We Need Accessible UX Writing?
  4. Diversity, Abilities, And The User Experience.
  5. Screen Readers And How They Work.
  6. Accessible On-Screen Text.
  7. Rule 1: Context & Clarity.
  8. Rule 2: The Right Order Of Elements.
  9. Rule 3: Clear Buttons & Links.
  10. Rule 4: The Use Of Emojis.
  11. Summary of Course I & Class Project.
  12. Outro to Course I.
  13. Introduction to Course II: Accessible Alt Text.
  14. Repetition: Accessibility & UX Writing.
  15. Accessible Alt Text.
  16. Where To Add Alt Text.
  17. How To Write Alt Text.
  18. Keywords & Documentation.
  19. Further Tips & Tricks About Accessible UX Writing.
  20. Summary Of Course II & Class Project.
  21. Outro to Course II.
  22. Final Thoughts.

What will you learn 

  • Accessibility in user experience.
  • The role of UX writing in the accessibility of digital products.
  • How to make on-screen copy such as button text, link text, etc. accessible.
  • Accessibility in UX writing.
  • The role of alt text in accessibility.
  • Where and how to add alt text.
  • How to document alt text.
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